ATC’s!  Artist Trading Cards.   ATC’s are made by artists in all mediums (painting, quilting, drawing, fibre arts, etc.) and are made to be traded to each other. You are not allowed to sell ATC’s unless they are a special limited edition or an original made for sale.  The one rule for ATC’s is that they have to be 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches (just like baseball trading cards!). These are just a few of the ATC’s that I have been busily making.  There will be quite a few cards as well, but small steps for now.  I will be teaching a class at Scrapbooker’s Paradise in Crowfoot in November on painting with Distressed Ink Refills.  This is all so much fun.  For now, enjoy my ATC’s and drop me a line if you would like to swap. Click thumbnail to enlarge It is difficult to show all the awesomeness of the cards in the photo.  Remember the size!  Some have unbelievable textures and the card with the Christmas deer even has a flap at the front that opens!  The clock one is my favorite and I have made quite a few of those.  Hope you enjoy looking.